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The PCS-715A Static Locator does not zero properly

Why does your PCS-71A or ESL-715A Static Locator Recently not zero? Even after connecting your meter to earth ground and turn on the meter and hit the “ZERO” button twice, it reads 0.02 instead 0.00.

It is good that you are grounding your meter, however have you determined if your circuitry and ground are properly configured? If there is any voltage or impedance on you ground, you could be seeing that voltage (00.2kV/in) that is being transferred through the grounding plug. Also ensure that you the end user are also grounded, as your body voltage generation may be playing into this.

Also, the equipment is calibrated in inert environments where we ensure that any type of charged conductor source or insulative material are not present, and thus no outside fields are present. If your workstation is not properly grounded, and materials are in the area that are holding a charge (thus producing an electric field) you could very well be seeing this through the field meter.

To ensure that the field meter is operating correctly, a good test is to cut off all possible sources of noise. For this case, once you verify your ground is OK, connect a conductive metal plate to a grounding source and place the 715A sensor directly onto the grounded conductive plate. If you were to zero at this point, you should see 00.0 kV/in.

Prostat PCS-715A Static Locator

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